Dry cleaning the concept, was invented for cleaning garments in a less harmless way. It is known for protecting apparels against common problems like deterioration of texture and quality, shrinkage, bleeding color and such complications. We at Soap Bin Cleaners understand the value of garments and so, do not use perchloroethylene or perc.

We believe in highest quality and so, use harmless counterparts like various Hydrocarbon solvents which are less likely to cause any damage. All apparels we clean are handled in a gentle and careful manner. Dirt, body odor and such issues are dealt without causing any damage. Each piece of garment is subject to a thorough process.

We offer emergency services of same day cleaning between 10 am and 4 pm for items which need immediate attention.

Dry Cleaning

The term dry cleaning can never be simplified as, “cleaning of clothes without water”. There is a lot more beyond simply because, the treatment of dry cleaning is tailor made to wash off all sorts of dirt, stains and odor without harming even a thread of the dress. Dry cleaning is a special procedure in which clothes are cleaned to return them the spotless look they actually had at the very beginning. The expert cleaners at different dry cleaning companies take special care to protect fabrics from shrinkage, any damage or fading of color and impairment of the texture of fabric.

Soap Bin Cleaners keep the apparels in good condition by using only good quality cleaning agent for washing them. All the clients can be assured that their apparels and dresses are kept miles away from harsh chemicals like, perc or perchloroethylene. The modern day Hydrocarbon solvents are quite safe for any kind of fabric. So, this chemical is used for an odor-free cleaning that keep the clothes new for years.

Shirt Laundry Service

Shirt is one piece of Shirt is one piece of apparel that demands extra care and careful handling. In most cases, we call shirts are worn on formal occasions. It is expected that people will attend any formal occasion or reach office in the best attire consisting a neatly folded and ironed shirt. Soap Bin Cleaners has a premium service tailor-made for keeping shirts in the impeccably clean and neat condition. The state of the art machines coupled with high end technology is instrumental in cleaning your apparels in a manner that they look new even after a number of washes.

You can opt for any of the systems among dry-cleaning, laundering and wet-cleaning for your shirts. They are folded neatly and then pressed properly with a moderately-heavy starch. All the shirts are inspected closely to ensure that they have gone through a systematic cleaning procedure and are in the best condition for packaging and handing to their owners. Every shirt is folded with clean hands and then packed individually in recyclable tissue bags for pick-up from its owner.


It is not only your clothes that demand extra care and deft handling. There are several household goods made of fabrics that deserve some amount of delicate treatment that can clean them without causing any harm to their fabric. Soap Bin Cleaners does not treat household items like drapery, curtains in a different manner. They know that such fabric goods in the house are very much a part of your family and you will definitely look for the best service for cleaning them. Soap Bin Cleaners cleans table linens, sleeping bags, bed spreads, blankets, any sheet, comforters, duvets and elements for drapery with equal sincerity that they input in cleaning apparels and other elements for dressing. After following a careful washing regimen, all the items are kept in compact packages for convenience of storage. So, you can unpack it exactly when the requirement of the product is there at your house.

Long exposure to dust, mites, insects, germs and other several elements unfamiliar to you make your draperies unworthy of coexistence with human kind. If a light brush with the drapes make a lot of dust particles fly, it is the right time to hand them to the expert group of cleaners at Soap Bin Cleaners. They clean all sorts of pet dander, odor, smoke stench and stains off the drapes. Sending all your drapery elements for dry cleaning after every six month can keep you safe from different forms of allergies. So, patients with chronic medical conditions like, sinus, hay fever, dry cough, asthma can prevent falling ill frequently by cleaning the household drapery more often.

Alterations and Repair

Many garments often get damaged in different parts and require expert handling for making them usable again. No matter what the extent of damage is, you can get rid of them with the expert repairing team at Soap Bin Cleaners. The repairing service is available for all your garments and other household elements like, drapes, etc. You can take the dresses, jackets and suits for the repairing or replacement of some zippers. Alterations are also done keeping in mind the specifications that you prefer.

If your pet accidentally made a hole with its nail in your trousers or, you damaged a part of your favorite casual shirt at the time of getting off your car, Soap Bin Cleaners can solve the problem that your clothes do not need to be thrown away, immediately.

Leather and Suede Cleaning

Leather and suede are elements that require expert handling at the dry cleaner’s place. Soap Bin Cleaners outsource cleaning service from Suede masters that consists of a team of experienced cleaners doing this job for quite some time now. Soap Bin Cleaners can assure their clients of the best possible service for the restoration of leather and suede goods. All products made of sheep skin and different other forms of leather are cleaned thoroughly keeping them in good condition. The cleaners try to keep them in their original condition.

UGG Boots are also cleaned with optimum level of care:

Any leather or sheepskin footwear is examined carefully to get rid of any fungal attack or other forms of bacteria. Disinfectants are used for the cleaning process if required for the product. Cleaning methods and agents are decided on the basis of a few factors like,

Condition of the shoes



Soiling and other dirt marks

Type of the leather used in the shoe

Condition of leather

Wear marks

After this going through the complete cleaning process, every pair is finished with care that meet high standard of cleaning procedure. So, take a cleaner step to step out fashionably.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Soap Bin Cleaners understands how special a wedding gown is for any individual. It is among the most precious possessions that a bride can take pride on. A look at this reminds the bride of a very special occasion of her life. Moreover, any bride would like to show off her wedding gown proudly to the next generation. The sight of a very small stain can prove to be very depressing at such a time.

Soap Bin Cleaners can assure you of the best care for the wedding gown as they are hand finished after cleaning and then readied for the delivery to clients. The gown is folded with care and placed in acid free tissue wraps to avoid discoloration. The cleaned dress is packed in a beautiful presentation box that allows in enough air while it is completely saved from light.

Wash and Folds

It is quite difficult for anybody to get enough time for struggling with the huge amount of laundry every day. That is why, Soap Bin Cleaners have crafted its service to suit all the clients who do not get enough time to pay enough attention to their daily stock of laundry.

You need to just drop off the load to the cleaners on the way to work or any other important assignment. They will clean everything for you and fold them properly to make them ready for wearing readily to a special occasion. The expert cleaners at Soap Bin Cleaners treat your clothes with high quality soaps, fabric softeners, dryer sheets and other agents for treating fabrics for a long lasting sheen on them.

Coin Laundry

Be it a very tiny stock of laundry or a huge one, Soap Bin Cleaners is ready to deal with any of such loads that might include comforters, duvets, drapery, apparels and sleeping bags. The change machine and soap vending machines are kept for the convenience of a customer. If you have not been to a Laundromat and struggle badly with the procedures leading to cleaning, the cleaning experts in the company can help you with expert suggestions and help. You need to just approach them for help and all your problems will be solved in no time.

Wet Cleaning

Soap Bin Cleaners primarily offers dry cleaning services. However, wet cleaning procedures are also among the list of services that they offer. Once you mention the service you require to the attendants in the shop, all problems of yours will be solved.

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Why Choose Filtered water: Bottled water, due to several factors, is clearly not a healthier or purer alternative to tap water. Also, bottled water is outrageously expensive when compared to the cost per gallon of tap water. If one is choosing only between tap water and bottled water, tap water is plainly the more economical, and, in many cases, the healthier choice. Despite this assertion, tap water does not remain without its problems.